Fujitsu PRIMERGY TX1310 M1 Xeon E3-1226 V3




Get additional genuine feelings of serenity on the TX1310’s with Fujitsu’s Reliability Promise!

Should your server bomb in the principal year Fujitsu will settle it under guarantee and REFUND your price tag!!

The Fujitsu PRIMERGY TX1310 M1 is the perfect first server for little and medium-sized organizations.

With a lot of RAM and Intel Xeon processor bolster it offers all that could possibly be needed execution for all great server undertakings, for example, document, print, web or office applications.

The little pinnacle server is work for solid every minute of every day operation and ensures information security by top of the line highlights like ECC memory and an installed RAID controller.

On account of the screwless suspension and Fujitsu’s Easy Rails for hard plates the server is anything but difficult to benefit. In addition, the PRIMERGY TX1310 M1 is unbelievably quiet settling on it an incredible decision for any office condition.

For more data and some independant surveys on the item please observe here.

Memory Options accessible up to 32GB, include QF 660571 for an extra 8GB.

OS choices suggested are QF 628208 for ROK Server Standard R2 2012 or QF 667050 for ROK Server Essentials R2 2012.


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